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       “Everyone is entitled to make mistakes and learn from them. Fall under the   privileged category like me and you are entitled to pay for life”

 These are the lines which entitled to put an end to reticent in me, and talk about some shenanigans. To me the word, ‘mistake’ is the most misunderstood one in this so-called civilized and lateral thinking guild at this moment. I can only give a puckered reaction, with some pain for that ‘mistake’ status.And give plain reminisce of past life

 What is a mistake actually? Accidentally or unintentionally affect someone for doing something can be classified as *MISTAKE*, isn’t it? , at least in my opinion yes it is. It might be a slap or statement which uttered in anger, could have affected mentally or physically. The same can be spared, obviously.

 But the Sin/Betrayal/deceit with full conscious and all six senses are wide open as a human being (!?) and indulge in an ignominy which would only bring mortify the entire community or at least one person. This should not be tagged as Mistake, simply. if u say I simply followed my heart, irrespective of killing and shattering ones trust into million pieces, whom believed only you as world and hope .That act can only be termed obfuscate in all senses.

  If complete trust is slaughtered it cannot be a mistake, my dear friend. Yes, if you kill the trust of someone who blindly put on you completely, whether it is in a relationship, friendship, business or anything of that sort, there comes propensity in the humanness behavior.

 Let me say this in rude way, Someone believing and have faith in you similar to an infant cubs faith to its mom. later come to know that the mom has swallowed his own for prey. This is What I called as killing trust and a heart? Any person would have baulked such an act and the same can never be termed as mistake, whereas it’s an act of brutal, inhuman nature and only people who can sleep with his or siblings can indulge in such a  that filthy behavior.

 Cynicism only would culminated in relationship, by experiencing/knowing such act, and when u exploit someones trust as weakness and betray for a prolonged period, you lost your human tag and should be an orgy and  some freakish immortal moron in this world.

 Here, I don’t see any difference between the persons who brutally raped and assaulted a girl in a Delhi, despite the fact that it has completely immobilized girl’s stature and physically no more. But what aforementioned activity of breaking trust leads to insularity, grudging towards social animals. What happens when you break someones complete trust and shattered his/her heart to pieces who have had 100% trust and nothing can fix it, simply ‘NOTHING’. After such humiliation,dredging,broken heart  even exhortation from the entire world would mean nothing to him/her.

As a Tamil saying aptly portrays what is mistake and what is not.

தவறு என்பது தவறி செய்வது,
தப்பு என்பது தெரிந்து செய்வது!
தவறு செய்தவன் திருந்த பார்க்கனும்
தப்பு செய்தவன் வருந்தியாகணும்!

The statement implies that; those, who have made such mistakes (Thavaru), should correct themselves in future. But those who makes mistakes (Thappu) such as betrayal, sin etc., (I avert using much more scoffing words i suppose to use) should be punished and are entitled to pay for life, as simple as that.

Else propensity of humanness would be an attic soon, not so far.


I have never known a more vulgar expression of betrayal and deceit – Anonymous

Finally humble request for those, who have acted cheaply and inhumanly don’t talk like messiah or Teresa. Giving punishment to the person who indulged in raping or that sort of things, because what you have done are much more cruel than that. Saddest part is that most of the people don’t know your actual filthy face and false life what you are all leading.

P.S: This is for the people who are killing trust and wearing a mask in front of his friend, lover,husband and family,and  leading a fake life throughout, please open up. As rightly said, if a relationship is secret, then  you shouldn’t be in it. And if you are  secretly killing a relationship , have courtesy to regret a moment. If you haven’t even asked *S-O-R-R-R-Y* to the person affected still, please stop this drama in public at least.

This is after reading some of the fakest and cruel persons Timeline in my life.

Albeit many ‘mistakes’ in grammar and spelling, am not in a mood to worry for that at this moment. So sorry for that.

Pic: http://msbehaved.com/2012/05/24/helenawurzel/betrayal/