Every professional  might have come across this, yeah saying good bye to the most loved job.

Though it was not so pleasant and warm environment for me due to personal reasons i had manage to sneak in  by 7:00am and hardly move my butt outta the place till midnight. This was just to engage my myself from seeing terrible stuffs which could kill me mentally. yet, its a crime in industry, irrespective of sincerity, loyalty , blah blah ( needless to say its all a piece of shit  in personal life too) nowadays. Considering deteriorating health and mind , i have quit. That was quite interesting one, most embarrassing one, so here i write adieu post. It was written way back in timeline, guess what,  its less than quarter of an year.

Here it goes….

As it is time to say GOODBYE on my last day of working at  ******** Ltd, would to love  ditch the classical way  of  “had a nice time, stay in touch” routine and stick to something real….
Those of you who were a constant source of learning: Thank You! And please stay that way…I’m going to need a lot of learning yet!
To those who were my friends: well, you stay that way too…. Be it anywhere including at work…. one always needs good company…
Those of you who did not like me: This is your chance to forget I ever existed! And as they say: Bhool Chuk Maaf. Forgive me for any inadvertent error! (Trust me, they were all inadvertent)
For those who would still like to be in touch: *******@gmail.com should do the trick.
It’s all done and dusted, Its real, and It’s been fun. Take Care and God Bless.


Pic ctsy: Google images.