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First work which might get me a most awaited lucrative ( to me) deal of my life.

Courtesy the books i read in the phone before i lost both my Grand and my Dell 😥

It’s by far imaginary work about the to get lateral thinking conversation or communication by two people who are not in relationship or relationship with some other persons. It’s quite big, i bet it wont bore you too.

And it’s about the girl who is in relationship, daring to go beyond her lover to get her so-called desire.

Here it goes…

Fucker dearest.

I am in the middle of work but I can’t get my mind away from this. So I figured I’ll try writing, anyway. I wish I had done this the way I initially wanted to – as a handwritten note. I suck at executing these properly.

It already feels cold inside thinking of not being able to reach you for about 20 days. What am I going to do? I’m trying not to get way too emotional at office. I’m trying.

I told you I’d write. How it makes sense to think I’d do great with you. I don’t think I’ll do much justice to it now, typing in this mood, but well…

It makes perfect sense in my head. We’re adventurers. Travellers. We can trust each other not to spend hefty amounts on plain mortal belongings or the fact that we are both unpredictable makes it all the more exciting. I am not looking for a wedding now, but I might give in one day for a kid. I want to travel and click and be a free spirit. Meet new people and write. Have new connections with them, feel a million different things. Make memories. Make love. In the car, in the beach, in the middle of a forest, in the park, on the roof, in the candlelight. I can’t hold any fight for long. Ego doesn’t even count. Life is for the minute.

I want somebody to sleep with for the rest of my life
and cuddle up during a movie on a couch,
stay up all night talking about nothing,

get lost in the woods together,

challenge me, challenge him,
talk about dreams, make dreams,
make love in the candlelight, in the car,
in the shower, in the woods while we’re lost.

have fights,
the kind that only really matter
just as long as you’re having them,
someone I can wrestle with,
you know, play hard sometimes,
and not worry about breaking a nail
or an arm,.

a guy who will bring me flowers once in a while,
maybe a rock too or a shell of some sort,
something he saw that made him think of me,
made him think,
‘This might make my girl smiles’ as he smiles himself,

a guy who wants me,
maybe even needs me,
just a little,
enough to hold onto me
with everything he’s got..

I conveniently read this again just now. I am not typing this the way I intended to have it done. This is not going to get you all emotional the way I wanted it to. I can see this miserably failing now, but I hope you can try to understand that the reason is that this is affecting me so much. I know, I know. There’s a big chance that we screw it all up from there if we let it happen, live together or … marry. I want you to be special. I want to be special too. But life looks so easy in all levels to even think otherwise, you and me.

I’ve had girlish fantasies like a real man opens the door and respects his girl and.. well, not like I don’t believe in it anymore, but what counts more is that we can hit each other and he’s wrestle me to the ground, fight with me for the last French fry, share stupid A jokes with, be quiet with, hug tightly, maintain distance and still feel intense, have movie moments with, be creative with, create with, write and click about, write and click with… I am not able to write more. This is overwhelming me. Much more than I wanted it to be for you.

What if we don’t happen and we end up with someone, who obviously cannot be as I am to you or you are to me and we still see each other from a distance and it’d keep killing to know what we could’ve had. And my mind sure should be a happy place if I actually went ahead and asked for the kid.

Coming to think of it, I am not so much emotionally dependent on my family like you are. I might, just might, get away with running away. Call me a senseless idiot if you will, but I will succeed distracting myself better this way.

If we do happen, after all the heart-breaks that will eventually happen for other people, somewhere down the line, I kinda see people thinking along the lines of ‘Finally!’ or ‘It so had to happen!’ or something like that. I am sure you can come up with a million alternatives that can make me feel horrible, but yeah. I like to think this way. I like keeping my mind a happy place.

I might not make a very pretty girl friend or a bride that looks stunning or a wife that will look drop dead gorgeous, but life with me will be a barrel of fun – that much I know. My kids will love me if and when I have them. I just laughed. This paragraph sounds like I am writing an application for getting married to you. Explaining why I am the better candidate.  *Winking*

Think of it, no? I can get drunk with you. Sing with you – at home, while riding, anywhere.Kick your ass and wake you up every single morning, go on impulsive getaways, tell you my dreams and fantasies without being scared of getting judged…

And yes. In no hurry to get married. We could live together. And be that way always until it gets so comfortable that a ring might not be an added burden. No explanations, no excuses. Life is easy. You know how my work is, I know yours. We can probably inspire each other. Take a break from each other and still not feel alone, just if it is needed.

I like your lips. You like my legs. 😛 * tongue pic which i used send in whats app.*
We look bit cute together,Ain’t we?.

I could keep going on and it gets all the more tempting. It might not be perfect, there is no perfect, but at least I am not senseless to bring it up later, fight the crap out of both of us and make us both miserable…

20 fucking days man , You said you’d marry the 3 girls you love. If you were to go away, I probably would be the one who’d take it the strongest way. I’ll cry and make a fuss and all. But you’ll still live as subjects in whatever i do and my escape is in the exploring things. Though this seems like the reason why you can concentrate on the others, deep inside, something tells me why this is all the more the reason why we fit. Like two peas in a pod.  Effortlessly, both of us are comfortable.

I want you to know it feels like I am on a suicide mission writing this. Actually putting this on paper, or on the screen technically, is making it so much more real, so much more difficult. I’m going to still have this document if and when you marry this other girl, this other lucky girl whom I have probably not even met yet, but not going to like completely either. I think I can be excused for that.

Don’t give up on me for anyone. Ever. Whether I have a boyfriend or a husband or a hooker. I’d like to think that you’d fight even with me just to be with me. Like I keep saying, it feels so right to be with you. And if at all (I took a very, very long and deep breath here) I were to get married to you, I can effortlessly call you darling in places where I can’t call you ‘fucker.’

We fall in what we think is love too soon most of the times. And we realize too late that we have fucked it all up. In all possibilities, it is too soon even now to decide if we will work all fine. Hence the reason why I said something like ‘live together till the ring doesn’t seem like a big burden…’ or some crap like that. If it is even possible. We can wait and see how things fall into place. And probably live with the regret that we didn’t propose early enough as some other stupid person drags the love of our life away. Lol. Argh.

This is killing me. Writing this.

I have done a much better job controlling expressing my dislike for your choice of a partner than you have done in my case. I get brownie points for that, okay?

See. Only we can understand each others’ silly shit this much and feel at home about it. Oh, God. I’m going to stop here. *Big pause and deep breath*

Remember me in whatever you do. I love you. Terribly, if I can even use that word. And know that I always will. Come what may.

Don’t get yourself killed. Take an effort to take care of yourself. I won’t forgive you ever if you don’t come back and hug me and give me that ‘more than just’ a kiss you promised. But seriously, I need the hug more than anything else.

I’m sincerely hoping you had at least a single tear while reading this. Or at least felt a little choked. Not my best. But this almost had me killed. Fucker. Ass-face.


The above one looks crazy no? Suddenly creep up in my mind and umm… blah.

I have laughed it senselessly, albeit  don’t give a shit about it.

I love you, fucker.
I love you the most.
I swear no one can love you the way I do.
And I cannot love another the way I love you.
I know.

All yours now and as long as time can go,
Your bitch.

That’s the end of a big-est ever explanation of secret relationship or adultery stuff , which is my subject, in poetic way :P. This is not so new the people and the this generation guild . Have Fun and i am done. Hope I will get the contract for my larger-than-life and last effort to print my foot in this world. Thanks for your time.