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I request to read this with some care. Sorry its going to considerably big enough to read. If you are doing like busy in tweeting or surfing on the internet, or whats-apping with your best pal, just give a pause. Yes, I think the things which I am gonna blabber is that bit important to the current scenario and essential for the human race to survive from the struggles, pains, heartbreaks and betrayals.

Hope you got my point what I am going to say about it. Yes, you are exactly right. It’s about one ending their life for the stress, pain of betrayal and bitter relationship.

I express my apologies to the soul of Young Jiah Khan, who left us to discuss her mysterious life all over the place, and the very reason why I am writing this. As our ancestors said the person who demised is equal to god. So I pray for her soul to rest in peace with the SO called, ‘GOD’ and I feel terribly sorry for JK’S family for the incident and hope he would give enough strength to cope up this lose.

Suicide, itself similar to genocide, which is not only shatter or poison the fame, life they lived before they commit. It also affects reputation of the family, friends and society very badly; to certain extend the unknown people too. If ending the life is the only solution for all these stuffs means, then half of the world would be of graveyards alone. The betrayal, stress, backstabbing is the highly paid and overrated tactics or a short-cut   chosen by the people in this world to come up in life in a quick time.

Will there be an end to all this kind of act, I don’t see this as cowardice act, I understand how hard and difficult to go through this attempt. Yes, after receiving the philosophy quotes and people’s care, one has decided to go ahead, implies that they need some courage or at least they should be strong enough to bear the pain in the last moments. It’s a quite contradictory statement to the previous point, yet it’s a fact.

My sincere thanks to fellow twitter, who had a healthy argument about this incident. I have decided to write about this after reading the note which was reveled by dailies, I genuinely have no idea how far it’s true or is it manipulated thing. But after reading all the dailies, one reason was standing tall and evident like a monster. Yes, that is Betrayal and Adultery (sorry I feel doing such activity is adultery only), so called me a stereotype guy, that’s me. (Kindly go through the JK note before naming me)


She is in her middle of 20’s and she has got heart breaks and pains in her relationships. It is very important to mention that she was associated with one of the biggest film industry in India. That’s the reason why she was not able to cope with the extra glamour, fame, money and seeing people craving for her attention in that age. She succumbed to the stress and look for a shoulder, where she can rest and hand which wipe out her shedding tears with someone. Similar to most of the young boys and girls, she has perfectly fallen to the trap of this cruel world; yeah she got into wrong hand. And whatever she has experienced, she only knows and its better not to write off all those. Because so many flash news, breaking news, morning and evening news have analyzed every bit of the same.

In this civilized world, the real meaning for word love, loyalty, humanity, respect for women, and relationship are rapidly diminishing or going towards the extinct in a  similar way  to the old fashioned mails, phone etc. at this generation. We must thank the scientific people who put lot of effort to put us in this beautiful trap and moreover the globalization plays a bigger role in our so called modern yet stressful and uglier life, in my opinion. Why I am saying is that in old days what we thought by our people or parents are properly misinterpreted in current world.  “untouchability is a sin”, they have understood  it perfectly in wrong sense  as un-sexuality is a sin. That plays bitter role in many of the relationships and reason for heartbreak.

Nowadays people are getting used things with most of the friends like shitty talks, going out, drinking, partying and what not, winked. What about the relationship? What a boyfriend or a girlfriend is getting from such a person?  What’s special aspect they have in their store for the one special person? It should be really special, unique and genuine, if you say he/she is your so called lover or anything of that sort.

Love making, yes, it is suppose to be of the special thing which a person is expecting from his/her beloved.  Here I purposefully used the word *love making* not sex, it’s a quite a filthy way of terming that highly divine act. One can’t deny that. Here comes the problem, when one can enjoy or do stuffs which are supposed to given by one special person. It is fair enough to expect to give/get at least one special feel, no? At the time this goes bitterly or knowing that you are actually sharing your divine bed with some other person, it kicks off the bad and satanic version of human kind. This is what i call as adultery stuff; adultery is not necessarily for the persons who legally got married, those for accepted to the as going to a life partner. You should be loyal or the very moment you feel u are not loyal to them, shut the fuck off from the person’s life.    Because most of the time it kills the relationship, the partner or the person whom they loved. In JK life the Satan has forced her to kill herself, bitterly made her to give world so much to chit-chat about her unfruitful relationships of the past and recent

Recent day’s people or smart enough use philosophies and quotes beautifully to hide their ugly behavior. Say “Everything happens for a reason” after doing all unmanly, cunning and cold blooded stuffs with all their senses awake brightly. If  that’s is the case, can someone go and kill someone and, say in front of the law that Everything happens for a reason , so am not responsible for anything. Isn’t it?

Whose mistake is it actually? Are you going to put the blame on yourself for choosing your partner wrongly and expecting them to be loyal to you? Or in a world with so many backstabbers waiting to kick your dreams off, with a beautiful mask on their bloody face as a Messiah and Teresa, heart break is highly inevitable.

Like many people, am also in a state that what else anyone can do to find a true love in this masked people. Is it a worth a wait? Or are we going to witness so much JK incidents in future? Thing is that only one JK’s story has come out of the world but still many JK’s are still there who pretend to be normal and still giving fake smile for their family and friends. No gender discrimination here. Unless we value our relationship nothing can be changed.
Like every one of you I am also put this question to young men and women and would love to join the mass to get an answer, with open mind and longing feel.

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