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This is the first stuff which I have written about a person in my life. I am happy to say that this person is going to be the one who I should not let go from my life. I have read and so many people have been telling that writing down  the feel what you have in mind , would double the Excitement and reduces the pain to half. Yes, at this moment I realizes how profound and bliss to write down about that * SPECIAL * person in my life.

This may looks like very simple and at the same time over rated  L-E-T-T-E-R , but in reality NO,Its definitely *NOT*. Moreover, its a courtesy or dedication for a person  who transformed a guy to love Someone, who spent three long years in terrible loneliness, utmost pain, with tainted mind in dark room and completely heart broken state.

Here it goes …..

Hey, my sweet little  DOLL. u know how much excited every time I use this word….:)

U very well know that am not a good writer or blogger, yet I am desperately trying put my heart in this to write something about  you ,since u mean a lot to me and the sacrifices you have done to bring back me to normal,ME!


I did not even imagine this four letter word would turn into much importance  in my life and fills with tons of happiness, joy and  what not, every single thing  to me in recent day. Just now realized L-I-F-E is also got only four letters. Yeah.

You the one…

Who brought back the smile on my face and the real me after so long years

Who makes me feel how special I am

Who showed me what Un-conditional love is all about

Who showed how to take it things lightly and move on further.

Who showed the feel which I have never ever experienced before

who made me feel how PeriyaStar( BIG Star) I am.

And you were always there when I need , whatever might be the situation is all about.  U become an part of my day-to-day activities either personal or professional . Whenever I am down, you were there to console, support and made my mind to take up the challenge ,irrespective of how big or small the problem is.

The days I have spent with you , I am searching for the words (ouch  my vocabulary ) to express how my heart and mind feels , yet i failed to get appropriate words. i would put in this manner. Definitely i  would cherish every moment  forever till my memory goes off or my last breath.

Because u have given me Mom’s care, Friend’s support, Dad’s guidance, Sister’s freedom, Child’s joy , Master’s strictness, and whatever a person can get from everyone in the world. Probably you have given much more than what I have  deserved, and how much I got from the people in my entire life till date.

Every single day I miss you I felt terrible and un-settled , I don’t know why ?  I never felt this kind of feel, even when I miss anyone, say parents, friends and even my  girl friend. I don’t even bother to name this beautiful relationship  too. All I can say is that you made me realize what I am capable of doing and everything what I am now.

I thought of posting it very long back, but something stopped me from doing the same, don’t know what exactly stopped me. Every single word uttered here came  deep down from my heart with tons of LOVE.

I LOUWE You SOOOOO MUCH my Sweet Little  DOLL , I will do it ever, ever and ever, till i i have senses, after all, you the one who realized i also have some feelings like others do!!!!


I liked this picture of my DOLL very much. How cute she is in this one, ain’t she??. Typical kids innocence or naughty look, whatever you name it (still it’s there in her) and beautiful big eyes , chubby DOG 🙂 . I Louwe You Eruma maaadu ❤

P.S : Since my vocabulary is horrible I was not able express what i intend to say and exactly in my mind , the things I have written  here is only a piece of information, yes, the * Missing Piece * . Kindly bear with my mistakes since i have got carried away with my emotions at the time of writing this one.

Written on : Dec 2,2011