Today when was on my way to company, i saw a old man who cannot see this cruel world (i hate the word Handicapped and its terms ) struggling to cross the road. Irony is that he is not able to reach the zebra crossing point itself. Million thanks to highway department (they placed Zigzag crossing to reach the zebra crossing, yes, stupid  blackguards the place in middle of road during night.Busy software and hardware animals were there, but no one even cared to see this poor-man’s struggle.

ImageI took him to zebra line and  later i realized he would not be  able to cross on his own. i   helped him to cross the so called Tidel IT express highway. In curiosity i asked him where he wants to go, he said ” Nandri Thambee (similar to thanks son). (paused) you really can not take me to my place, i have got a stick in my hand and destination in my mind so i will manage somehow.i was speechless and stood there with him few minutes. He was struggled there for about fifteen minutes,it seems. No one even bothered to come near this old, disabled person. That is one of the busiest place i have known. I really ashamed for the educated people like me, yes i am also one amongst u and their ignoring behavior.

I asked my self “Why the hell we are like this, we are worshiping this idol in Madya kailash temple for hours, which has no life. Instead of that if you help this kind of persons who really need help even your Lord Shiva will become happy and bless you. kallala senja madya kailash la poi vilundhu vilundhu kumbudarathukku, ipdee irukaravangalukku help panna unga siva peruman kooda santhosa paduvar. “ i cannot avoid using my mother tongue tamizh for this”
“Extending One Hand to help Someone, has more Value than Joining Two Hands for Prayer”. i think this is what all religion and god has preaching us for over 2000 years. and moreover we are not going to be sweet sixteen or evergreen youngsters in the world. we also need help and longing for love, care and affection from the people known or unknown.or at least minimum amount of humanity to help people. I see people nowadays more care on animals , pets in that case than human beings. where we are heading towards ? Is the humanity still exists within human beings like the educated Robotic human beings. Money, alone cannot bring happiness. Realize and show up your real face value to needy person.
P.S: This request is for not  all and to show am the only savior or messiah alive in the universe. we are living in a nation who have had  chopped his flesh to save a bird’s life and people sacrificed their life to save the humanity.
i apologies if any of my word hurts anyone’s feeling or sentiments. i do not want to show any anger on religious feeling or busiest work life.

Written on July 20,2011 , my serious anger towards the society.
Picture courtesy: http://images.elephantjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/old-man-laughing.jpg